Monday, 26 June 2017

读:The Third Wave: An Entrepreneur's Vision of the Future


作者是Steve Case,co-founder of America Online (AOL)
在书中,他提到自己打工,创立AOL,上市, 与Time Warner合并的过程与挑战
也诉说了Third Wave,3 Ps 和 impact investing等等


Steve Case:
First Wave (1985-1999): Building the infrastructure and foundation for an online world. Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Apple, IBM, AOL etc.

Second Wave (20000-2015): App economy and mobile revolution. Google, Amazon, eBay, Facebook

Third Wave (2016 - ): Internet will be fully integrated into every part of our lives - how we learn (transforming education), how we heal (a healthy healthcare system), how we manage our finances, how we get around, how we work, even what we eat.

As the Third Wave gains momentum, every industry leader in every economic sector is at risk of being disrupted.

Third Wave company should focus on three P's:

Partnership: Leverage on partner's credibility.

Policy: Engage with government, understand policy risk.

Perseverance: High degree of adaptability, fresh perspective and the ability to look at new paradigms without being burdened by legacy dogma.

Thinking like an incumbent is a disadvantage. Yet on the other hand, understanding the dynamics at play in the industry and having clear view of potential partnerships and policy issues with increasingly be prerequisites for success.

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